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The Priory of Saint Andrew of Scotland was established by the late Grand Master, Fernando de Fontes, on 2 June 2002 as a unit to which members of Chivalry in Scotland could come together within. For various reasons, the Priory’s active life was short-lived and, although continuing to exist, it has remained dormant until recently, when it was agreed that it should be reactivated to once again serve its original purpose, only this time as a strictly independent and neutral body.



Present members of Chivalry are senior officers of some years’ service within one or other of the several branches of Templarism in Scotland.



The Priory operates upon the founding principles of the Order in Scotland in 1972, which seek to (1) promote brotherhood, peace and tolerance in the understanding that all persons are equal no matter race, ethnicity or creed, and (2) reaffirm man’s spiritual existence.